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Aktyvios ausinės EARMOR M32 PLUS Tactical Green

  • Aktyvios ausinės EARMOR M32 PLUS Tactical Green

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    An innovative noise-canceling headset designed for those who demand both hearing protection and the ability to stay connected in challenging environments. The Earmor™ Hearing Protection Earmuff is not just another tactical headset; it's a lifesaver in the field.

    Key Features:

    • Enhanced Noise Cancellation: Equipped with two directional microphones to accurately pick up ambient sounds, reproduced through speakers inside the muffs for protection against harmful noise while maintaining awareness.
    • Silicon Gel Pads Included: Added comfort and improved fit, ensuring prolonged use without discomfort.
    • Audible Protection in High-Risk Areas: Specially designed for impulsive noise environments like firearm use zones. Limits dangerous sounds to a safe 82 dB while amplifying lower-level sounds.
    • Optimal Situational Awareness: Strategically positioned microphones enhance awareness, allowing clear hearing of nearby sounds, giving an advantage in critical situations.
    • Volume Control for Enhanced Sound Amplification: Adjustable volume settings for better clarity and precision, improving reaction times in critical situations.

    The Earmor™ M32 PLUS is more than just a tactical headset – it's a crucial piece of equipment that offers both protection and enhanced auditory performance. Whether you're in a shooting range or in the field, this headset is designed to keep you one step ahead, always.