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M1911A2 Pistol Replica

  • M1911A2 Pistol Replica

    Preliminarus pristatymo terminas : 5 - 10 d. d.
    Šią prekę turime sandėlyje.
    Į krepšelį 
    Material: Metal + Polymer Weight: 725g Length: 220mm Colour: Black Muzzle Velocity: ~200 FPS Engine: Spring Manufacturer: WELL
    5-10 darbo dienų
  • M1911A2 Pistol Replica

    M1911A2 is a spring-action replica, which means the slide needs to be pulled back after each shot. Both the skeleton and the slide were made entirely from metal, which makes the replica fit perfectly in the user’s hand and gives it a solid appearance. Polymer parts include the grip side linings, the magazine and outer barrel. Just like the original firearm, M1911A2 has been equipped with two safeties – a slide lock and grip safety in the back of the grip.

    The capacity of the unique, pour-in magazine is 42 BBs.

    The set includes:

    -          A replica

    -          A magazine

    -          A manual

    -          A pack of BBs