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    Tokyo Marui
  • Pagamintas Japonijoje

    Glock 19 gbb 3 Gen.

    Svoris: 640g
    Dėtuvės tipas: Green Gas
    Pradinis šrato greitis: 90m/s.
    Blowback: yra
    Vidinio vamzdelio diametrasl: 6,08 mm
    Dėtuvės talpa: 25 BBs
    Pagamintas iš aluminio ir polimero

    Spalva: juoda
    Ilgis: 187mm
    Energija: 0,84 J
    Šaudymo režimai: pusiau automatinis.

    Garantija 3 mėn. (Garantija netaikoma tarpinėms bei vožtuvams)


    The 3rd generation TOKYO MARUI G19 GBB Pistol, also know as the GLOCK 19, it was a product of the 80's and was the pistol of choice for the Austrian Army. It was later adopted by the Miami Police Department in '87, and the trend carried on with the NYPD using it as a service pistol in '89.

    The TOKYO MARUI version is a worthy replica of the real deal, combining excellent mechanics with the authentic-looking aesthetics of the exterior. As you would expect from Marui, this is a well-built gas blowback pistol, which is mechanically and physically very solid.

    Metal inscribed serial number located on the frame below the barrel also acts as a concealed safety. Internal hammer system allows the gun to be pre-cocked for instant shooting. The trigger design means that accidental discharge is prevented unless you deliberately pull the trigger with your finger. Where the Marui Glock 19 shines above the old guard KSC Glock 17 is in accuracy and distance. As we have come to expect from Marui pistols, this shoots VERY straight and is highly accurate. With no wind, travel trajectory is EXTREMELY straight and stable.

    The hop-up dial can be adjusted once you take apart the slide. Pull down on the disassembly lever and move the slide forwards off the frame. The hop-up dial is located on the barrel assembly which is visible after you remove the slide.