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Trident Mk2 PDW Carbine Replica - grey

  • Trident Mk2 PDW Carbine Replica - grey

    Preliminarus pristatymo terminas : 5 - 10 d. d.
    Šią prekę turime sandėlyje.
    Į krepšelį 
    Material: Aluminum + polymer Length: 530 - 615 mm Weight: 2740 g Color: Grey Muzzle Velocity: ~350 FPS Engine: Electric Manufacturer: Krytac
    5-10 darbo dienų
  • Trident MK2 SPR Carbine Replica

    Trident PDW MK2 is the most compact carbine in the Krytac family, designed in order to achieve maximum maneuverability in CQB scenarios. The replicas is equipped with a long, 5.5-inch external barrel and a 5-inch free float Defiance TR105 KeyMod handguard. An aluminum receiver with matte finish bearing Krytac markings is compatible with standard AR / M4 (STANAG) magazines. Its other advantages include a double-sided fire mode selector and an operational bolt-catch, which simplifies gaining access to the Hop-Up system of the replica.  The rotary Krytac Hop-Up system features 15 numbered settings, which allow to precisely select the setting of a BB spin with regard to the current needs of the User. The replica’s battery is stored inside a unique buffer tube, which was enlarged compared to the traditional construction - which allows for the use of a larger sized battery. Trident PDW features an adjustable, 2-position stock as well as a tuned trigger.

    Inside of this replica is a reinforced V2 gearbox mounted on 8 mm ball bearings. The gearbox is equipped with an integrated MOSFET module that controls the operation of electronics and the trigger mechanism. The shape of the gearbox’s frame was designed in such a way so as to maximally safeguard the construction from cracking. Additionally, the gearbox frame features an inspection window on the left side, which allows examining the correctness of the system’s operation and its maintenance (oiling) without having to disassemble the gearbox.
    Another prized feature of a Krytac replica is the Quick Spring Release system - a modular guide that allows for the change of the main spring without having to disassemble the gearbox frame. The piston in a Krytac replica was made of a very durable and light polymer with 4 metal teeth. The cylinder head has an enlarged rubber shock-pad, which optimizes the operation of the system and absorbs the energy that arises after the impact of the piston. The material which the gears were made of was specially selected in order to achieve maximum durability. Hardness tests according to the Rockwell scale indicated a much higher than normal results for Krytac gears. The entirety is powered by an efficient high-torque motor capable of even up to 30 000 turns per minute.

    Trident PDW introduces a significant breath of fresh air to a series of replicas based on the AR15 construction by offering an excellent design, superb craftsmanship and highest degree of usage comfort.

    The set does not include a battery or a charger.

    The set includes:

    - replica
    - magazine
    - cleaning rod
    - RIS rail for KEYMOD
    - fixed iron sights
    - User’s manual