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Universalus Lipo akumuliatorių testeris

  • Universalus Lipo akumuliatorių testeris

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  • Universal Battery Tester

    A meter with intuitive interface, which makes it easy to use and user-friendly. Equipped with a multitude of useful functions: overall voltage of the pack indicator, individual cell charge indicator, percentage value indicator of the charge level of each cell, bar graph of the charge level of the cells, information about the most discharged cell (V Min), information about the most charged cell (V Max) and the difference in voltage that occurs between most and least charged cells.

    The tester is compatible with packs from 1 cell (1S) to 8 cells (8S). It is very precise, the charge level indicator reaches as far as the third It also features a balancer function that discharging of remaining cells to the level of the least charged cell. This makes the pack’s charge level always the same for every cell within the pack and it can be charged without worrying that one of the cells will not be fully charged or some other will be overcharged. This makes maintaining the pack easier so it can serve for a longer period of time.


    - overall battery voltage indicator
    - individual cell voltage indicator
    - battery charge level indicator in %
    - cell with least and highest voltage indicator
    - number of supported LiPo cells: from 2S to 8S