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ZDTK-4T 24mm CCW Silencer Replica

  • ZDTK-4T 24mm CCW Silencer Replica

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    Material: Steel + polymer Weight: 360 g Color: Black Length: 190 mm Thread: 24 mm CW Manufacturer: LCT
    5-10 darbo dienų
  • ZDTK-4T 24mm CCW Silencer Replica

    ZDTK-4PT silencer made of aluminum, equipped with a tracer module by ACETECH. The silencer is an ideal supplement to AK replicas equipped with 24 mm CW threads.

    The silencer uses a module that enables illuminating green and red tracer BBs. The module has the ability to work with a rate of fire of 30 BBs per second as well as a function of automatic turn off after 40 minutes of not being used. The set includes a Li-Ion 10400 battery that can be charged using the included in the set Micro-USB cable.